Saturday, May 31, 2008


Georgia rolled over for the first time this morning! We heard her wake up from her morning nap and went in to greet her.... only to find her ON HER BACK smiling! ( she is a tummy sleeper) I think she surprised herself too ! Our little girl is growing big and strong !

Thursday, May 29, 2008

feels like summer....

It's very hot here in Franklin today.... Georgia put on her summer dress and we went out shopping - we are out to find a "pool hat" so we can go splash in the water !

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

she's got the keys !

Georgia is starting to grab toys on her own now !   She is just figuring out how to get her hand around something and hold onto it for a few minutes. She has not quite learned to entertain herself yet but I think she is on her way! 

pretty in PINK!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Georgia is growing up so fast --- it's amazing to watch her do new things everyday ! She is sitting in her Bebe Pod and having tummy time .... and loves her play gym ! The more to look at the happier she is ... and of course , everything is going in her mouth !

wedding day

Sammy and Georgia at Derek and Bonnie's wedding!

A trip to NC !

Georgia and I made our first plane trip ( without daddy too!) to NC to visit Mahnee ( my mom) and to give my dear friend Katie a bridal shower ! Katie is getting married in Italy on May 22. I have known katie my entire life- we used to spend hours and hours playing barbies as little girls so it was so fun to be with her and to let her hold Georgia for the first time ! We also saw our friend Ashley with her new baby boy Aidan - Georgia and Aidan are 1 week apart ! We had so much fun -- thanks for a great week Mahnee !!!

Amy J comes to visit !

My dear friend Amy Johnson came to visit !! Amy and I lived together in college and then we made the move to Nashville in 2001 ! She is like a sister to me and we miss her very much ! She lives in NC now so we get to see her often BUT not often enough! I think I will teach Georgia her nick-name -- "Aunt Bergerbeets" ! ha !

Mothers Day

This past Mother's Day "Cousin Amy" took some pics of Georgia and Mommy. Sammy and I are having such an awesome time being parents and shaping this little life!

Georgia's First Post!!!


We are the Ward family... and we are new to this whole "Blogging" thing. But here we go... thanks for stopping by... please drop us a note and say hi. Here are some recent pics of lil' miss Georgia!