Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guys and Dolls

Valentine's Day was a 1920's party this year " GUYS AND DOLLS" ... and we celebrated with our dearest and sweetest friends ( and some family too ) We were all in our choice of 1920's attire, had dessert, hor 'derves, and virgin martinis ! ( the cigarettes are not real either but they sure were hilarious! ) We ate and played the game "mafia" until midnight!! We all had so much fun we decided to make it an annual Valentine's Day tradition .... we are so THANKFUL for the friendships we have here in Nashville! * we also had NEW names , we had to be in character right? ha! ha! Here are a few pics...
Sammy and Aaron - aka : Johnny "tight lips" and Frankie
Yes - she DID finger wave her hair !
Rose and Thurston ( John and Laura)
Johnny "tight lips" and Eleanor ( me and sammy!! )
Rocco !!! (Anthony )
Eleanor and Bitsy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgia Love

Happy Birthday to our sweet Georgia Love! I feel like it was only yesterday when I held her for the first time... and thought " oh my goodness.... what is my life going to look like now" ?!!? Life certainly looks different, but it certainly is BETTER than ever. When we named her Georgia Love and dedicated her at church , we knew that she would be a lover of people and a lover of Christ. We prayed that her love for others would attract people to the Lord ... and we are already seeing that sweet gentle spirit and a heart for worship. Her favorite song to sing is "Jesus loves me" .... and every now and then I will walk past her room as she is playing and she will be singing that song - priceless. We had a birthday party planned for her last weekend but the winter weather ruined our plans ... so we will have the party this weekend and post pictures from that as well. Here are a few from her actual birthday at home DIVING into her cake!! A true girl loves her sweets!!
Some fun things that Georgia loves these days are : playing dress up , dancing and singing , she loves Jack's Big Music show and Yo Gabba Gabba, and she loves macaroni and popcorn ( from target!!) ha! She is altogether LOVELY!
oh yea... check out her outfit in the last photo- jammies with a snow hat, dress up earrings and high heels!! ha ha!!