Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I LOVE today...

Today was one of those days where I had to do a "praise pause" and thank the Lord for being the creator of seasons.  I love the seasons for the different things that they mean in the physical and the spiritual. When I woke up this morning and headed to the gym I grabbed my hoodie because there was actually a CHILL in the air --- aaahh...fall is here ! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in our lives as a family and all that this next SEASON holds for us.  I spent the day with a friend in our little downtown area having lunch and grabbing some coffee and strolling our girls... it was such a GOOD DAY!  I love our cute little town of Franklin - we live less than a mile from the Historic town square and it's so fun to just spend the afternoon window shopping and having a Starbucks ! Today felt so much like the beginning of fall that I HAD to order a pumpkin spice latte... MMMmmmm....  when Sammy arrived home after work we were still longing to be outside so we put Georgia in the tree swing and took some fun photos . Thanks Lord... the giver of such a beautiful day and so many sweet moments. 

Ritz Bitz

Georgia is beginning to be very interested in finger foods  and can finally grab onto small bits of food with the palm of her hand and then slowly work it up to her fingers - it's so funny to watch because she is so intense ! She loves the sweet potato puffs/biter biscuits and is trying her best to have hand and mouth coordination!  I thought it would be fun to give her something a little bigger to encourage her skills so we tried a whole wheat Ritz cracker - such a HIT !   The cracker was much easier for her because it was bigger and she could chomp down with her little teeth - ( which by the way she is about to get 3 more teeth on top! That makes 5 total and now she can chew super good! )  I think  next we will try small bits of soft fruit and veggies - mmmmm.... finger lickin' good !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Game Day

 Georgia was ALL smiles during Saturday's football games!  She wore her Georgia hat to give Daddy's team good luck!  ( she does not have a Tennessee hat   - sad ! )   Saturdays at our house are always an event - it's a day full of relaxing, lounging, and lots of "game snacks" !  I mean, football is not near as fun without comfort food right?  TN and UGA did not play too well today but we are still rooting for our teams.  Georgia is clapping her hands now , and when we say "yay" for our team - she will clap and smile in agreement ! aaawwwwww... so sweet !! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pretty as a pumpkin !

Fall is in the air and that makes me the happiest girl in Franklin! There is just something so cozy about college football, warm coffee, the smell of cinnamon and a cute pair of jeans ! The weather here the last few days has been beautiful - cool and crisp ! Every year I usually get my fall decor out around mid-September and today Georgia wanted to help! We spent the day cleaning, and taking down all of the " summer stuff" and putting up my fall wreath and placing little pumpkins around the house - we even put a mini-pumpkin on her dresser! Hopefully this weekend Daddy will take us to get some MUMS for the front porch too.... sigh.... bring on the seasons!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Destined for friendship

Well... these two girls were destined to be FRIENDS ! Elizabeth and I have been friends since college -- we were roomies at UT and shared a bunk-bed ! haha! Elizabeth ( aka Gotch) is such a JOY to be with - she makes me laugh and I think she is the SILLIEST person I know and can get away with it ! Audrey and Georgia were born a month a part and it is so fun to get together with them to share a lunch every now and then or just visit at each others home and talk. Here are some pictures from today of the 2 little sweeties! AND soon it will be 3 little sweeties because Elizabeth is having another baby girl in January!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

A house DIVIDED !

The SEC is in full swing and we have a house divided ! I am full of faith for my Tennessee VOLS and Sammy has high hopes for his Georgia DAWGS ! But... who will do better this season ? It's a weekly saturday battle at the Ward household and poor Georgia Love is stuck in the middle ! She has to wear colors for BOTH teams to support mommy and daddy. ( but she told me secretly that she wanted to go to college at UT like mommy! ) hee hee ! May the BEST team WIN !!??


When daddy is away...it makes for a really long day !

This past week was very challenging to say the least ! My "mommyness" was definitely tested in more ways than one! Sammy had to leave town Tuesday morning for a singing date in Missouri. I can't believe how much harder it is to be all alone ALL DAY without Sammy here -- when he comes home at 5:00 I usually get a much needed break and head to the gym or to run some errands before dinner. So , Georgia and I had some serious girl time ---she even helped me with laundry and giving Pischu ( our dog) a bath! ... OH, and did I mention she is TEETHING and was fussy all week.?? AAhhh... such sweet moments of parenthood ! Let's just say I was so glad to see Sammy thursday night ... and quickly retreated to some "down time" just for ME !


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Georgia's 6 month photo shoot

Georgia spent one day last week with her Auntie K and my cousin Amy capturing some precious moments of her at 6 months ! Sammy and I are so blessed to have such wonderful and creative people in our family to be our "official photographers " !! One of my favorite moments captured is Georgia wearing the Amish bonnet ! Her sweet smile and her adorable ROLLS are just so precious. These are a few of our favorite images ....