Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Little Jack-o-lantern

Georgia is our little Jack-o-lantern ! She is sporting 6 teeth ( which are quite sharp might I add ! ) but she has yet to crawl... ?? That is OK with me because she can eat snacks AND stay in the same spot at one time - ha ha ! Check out those pearly whites...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

It's that time of year again for the annual PUMPKIN FEST in downtown Franklin ... and it is one of the things that we look forward to most every October. The entire block of Main St. is filled with yummy treats, everything pumpkin, adorable kids and adults in creative costumes and the perfect FALL weather to top it off! Our little Georgia was a Bumble Bee and she stole plenty of"oooohhsss and Awwsss" throughout the day. She wore her bee antennas proud and spent most of the day scoping out the crowd from her stroller and was very entertained! Franklin is the cutest town and we absolutely love living here -- it has such a feel of "home" ! Here are a few fun pics from the day.

Heather and I with the little Bee !Mmmmm... Kettle Corn

Gracie, Phynley ,Georgia, Ella and Eden

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mahnee and Bumpa

 What would we do without Mahnee and Bumpa?  ( this is my mom and step dad Gary ... My sister's son Luke could not say "grammy and Grandpa" so it became Mahnee and Bumpa :) 
Georgia and I flew to Raleigh last thursday for a  long overdue visit  .... Sammy was not able to come with us due t0 work but we still had a wonderful time. We did everything from going to my favorite coffee house " Caribou Coffee" to shopping , to meeting friends for lunch,  seeing Uncle Travis, to baking cookies and strolling outside. My mom and Gary spoiled us COMPLETELY and we made some great memories.  There is just something so sweet about the smell of "home" the comforts of old memories and mom doing everything for you -- I did not lift a finger all weekend and Georgia got EXTRA lovin' ! Georgia also found Mahnee's kitchen utensils were much more exciting then actual baby toys ---so why do we spend money on toys again? hahah! I wish that we lived closer but I am grateful for the time that we do get to spend together and I am so richly blessed to have such a loving family. THANKS Mahnee and Bumpa for loving us SO WELL !

My favorite drink " Wild Pumpkin latte"!!

shopping at a Southern Season - the store that has everything your heart desires! 
Who needs toys when you have a mixing bowl and kitchen utensils??  haha !

Uncle Travis

 Ashley, Aidan , Georgia and I 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Network challenge !

 Happy birthday Ella ! Tonight we celebrated my niece Ella's ( or "Boots" as she is called ) birthday along with her best friend Phynley and a few dear friends and family. Ella and Phyn were born 3 days a part so they have a joint party every year.  My sister Kenda and dear friend Heather ( phyn's mom) had a food network challenge for all the kids that were at the party while the MEN were the judges of who could make the best dinner and dessert pizza. Gracie took home the prize for "best dessert" and Larry won the "best dinner" pizza! We had a blast and topped the night off with a yummy cookie cake. Georgia will be a year old before we know it so I better  be thinking of a fun creative party for her ....  because this party will be hard to beat !  Here are a few shots from the night ! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Surviving wednesday!

Today was a day of mommy survival ! It all began at 1am and then 6am when Georgia decided to wake up with sore gums from teething . ( and did i mention that I did not get go to bed until midnight last night! ) SO- i was already super tired by 7am when she woke up for the day. So they day was off to a rocky start but I asked the Lord for some grace to get me through ....
Georgia has 3 teeth erupting on top and her poor little gums are very sensitive . She is biting everything and she has a runny nose... AND just to make the day better she battled tummy cramps ( she had to have prunes for lunch ) so that says it all right there !! SO, by 4:00 she had cried all day, she wanted to be held, and had only slept a total of 40 min. all day long --- NOT her typical sweet behavior. So , I called the pediatrician and he wanted to see her just to make sure she did not have an ear infection. The doctor appt went great- NO ear problems -- but he did confirm the sore gums and constipation. We went home with infant motrin , a stool softner , and he even gave her a flu shot today - might as well add to the drama !
SO, even though today was challenging to say the least , she did break out a few smiles and giggles ! -- check out those teeth! Thank you Lord that you are my strength and sustainer! Now it's time for jammies, celebrity gossip magazines and chocolate !