Friday, August 20, 2010

My BIG girl

My little girl is beginning to look like a BIG girl lately... This summer has gone by so fast and with another baby on the way, I have been horrible on blogging! I guess chasing a 2 1/2 yr old takes up more time than you think! ha!
We have been busy the last several weeks tearing our house apart ( or so it seems) with moving and re-arranging rooms for the arrival of Violet Joy. We officially moved Georgia to her "big girl room" at the beginning of August and it looks SO CUTE ! We still have to do some decor on the walls but i have not found the exact things I am looking for...?? Violet's room is almost complete ... so I will be posting on her sweet room next. Here are some pics from the last several weeks of this HOT summer and Georgia's new room!

The walls are white and the ceiling is same yellow as bedding!
This is the sweet rose patterns on bed (
This brown hutch will be painted to match her dresser - i just love to redo old pieces of furniture!
HOT summer- so many days at 100 deg. !! yuck !

princess silly bands have been her favorite this summer!