Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Ward # 2 ... 19 weeks

It's a GIRL !!!
We had our 19 week ultrasound on tuesday and it went wonderful! Baby #2 is a girl and we were quite surprised! This pregnancy has felt so different than the first ( WAY MORE SICKNESS) and so we naturally thought - this must be a boy?? Needless to say we are thrilled with having two little beauties in the house and it will be easy and fun to share clothes and toys! ( and easy on the budget!) ha ha! We are still tossing around names but will let you know soon ! Here are a few pics !

Tiny foot !!
The proof of a "girl" - this is her behind , the back of her legs !
Waving hello from the womb !

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter... and remembering" Memaw "

Well, we had a very eventful easter .... my parents had decided to come visit for several days because we had not seen them since Christmas ( too long!) - and we had such a long weekend planned . Sadly, on the tuesday before easter and the day before they were to arrive, my "MEMAW "(mom's mother) went to be with Jesus. Long story short, we spent the weekend making funeral plans and were in Knoxville all day saturday. It was a really sweet service and we were able to see lots of family that we do not see regularly and that was very special! We had lots of fun talking about childhood memories and were able to laugh in the midst of sadness. Memaw brought so much Joy to our family and she will be missed. All that to say - Easter looked different and the Lord had other plans... but my parents ended up driving back to Nashville for Easter to be with us which was SO FUN and such a blessing. ( especially because my mom is the most AMAZING COOK and she made 2 pies while she was here!!) lucky me ! Here are some sweet pics of Georgia after church on sunday. Thank you Lord for the cross and your redeeming love for me!