Sunday, December 6, 2009

Overflowing with THANKS

I am amazed that this year is coming to an end already ... and I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving for so many reasons : Time with family with,great food, rest, reflection, and time for me to journal and remember the things the Lord has taught us this year and what we are looking forward to in 2010 !
2009 has been a challenging year ... Sammy is no longer traveling that much with music and has focused more on "in town" writing projects and starting his own business online. This ...coupled with me transitioning into "stay at home mom" and working only 2 days a week really had us TESTED for financial provision. We were faced with many tough months in the last year as we were believing God for his plan to unfold with our business etc.. and WE SAW JUST THAT! We have been blown away by God's faithfulness this year of OVERFLOW AND ABUNDANCE and have been able to pay things off , pay bills AND bless others! We know that being self employed in today's economy is a FAITH WALK monthly...but as we continue to trust the Lord and serve him first , we are seeing breakthrough and we are seeing God's heart for us. I have finally realized that in God's kingdom...there is NO BAD ECONOMY! :) He will make a way!
This thanksgiving we are SO thankful for the hard journeys that we embark on... because although it's hard to rejoice in trials... our TRUE character is revealed and God is GLORIFIED!

Thanksgiving in Ringgold, GA with the Ward family!

Chubbiest cheeks!!

"Papa Sam"



Zoe and Oraya

picking out our Christmas tree !

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We have had such a FUN FILLED weekend ! Our town of Franklin does a PUMPKIN FEST every year that goes all the way down Main Street- it's full of kids and adults in costume, pumpkin flavored goodies, games, pony rides, kettle corn and great fellowship with friends - We look forward to this EVERY year !! Georgia is very much in love with kitties so we let her dress up as a leopard kitty for Halloween ( the whiskers are slightly crooked because I had a hard time getting her to hold still! ) She LOVED her costume and kept saying "pretty kitty" ! ha ha! After the festival we took a break for the afternoon and then headed out to a friends church for TRUNK OR TREAT and to hear our friend Phil Joel play some sweet tunes! ( I have always done the "trick or treat" thing as a child but I think we want something a little different for Georgia. We have studied up quite a bit on the origin of Halloween and realized that a lot of the ancient traditions are rooted in things that we don't believe in or want Georgia to believe in. SO, we love to dress up and have fun BUT thought we would go to TRUNK OR TREAT with friends where it is safe and we actually got to hear worship music and dance until dark!!!... it was really refreshing and FUN! We will for sure do this every year and hopefully bring some more friends along. Here are some fun pics from the day !!

COUSINS - Luke, Gracie and Ella

Georgia HATED the ponies!? sad !!

Sweet friends - Daniel and Leslie
Kenda and Aaron ( gangstas yo !)

Phil Joel Band

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gentry's Farm

I must say... even though I miss home and being near family, I absolutely LOVE Franklin, TN and this sweet town that we live in. It does not get much better than this- Gentry's Farm in the fall on a beautiful Tennessee afternoon !!! Franklin is just the cutest picture perfect town where you are close enough to the city and close to the beautiful hills and countryside of Tennessee!  (that is why it's the #1 small town in Tennessee !! - for real ! ) We had a PERFECT fall day on the famous old Gentry Farm with some dear friends and their sweet kids . Georgia loved all the pumpkins, the barns, the popcorn and especially seeing all of the animals on the hay ride! Here are a few favorites from the day! 


Yes ... It's that time of year again for FOOTBALL , cold cozy days , tailgating and hot dogs!! This past weekend we went with Sammy's parents to the UGA vs. Vandy game and it was SO MUCH FUN! * even though I would have rather been watching my Tennessee VOLS play... I was a sweet wife and cheered for the UGA Bulldogs ... ALL FOR THE LOVE of my husband !
Football is so fun and it brings back such great memories from the college years - I can't believe I was a freshman 13 years ago ! We had a great time .. here are a few shots from the day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Table for two

My dad passed away three years ago this past June... and he gave this special antique childrens table as a gift from "papaw" since he knew that his battle with cancer could possibly take his life before seeing my children one day. In June 2006 he went to be with the Lord, but left this gift (that has been in my attic for 3 years ) to my sweet Georgia who he never got to meet. Every time I look at this table it reminds me of him... he would have adored Georgia! Here are some pics of her coloring and being " I'm BIG" as she says! We took out her changing table and have begun the transition to her BIG GIRL room . My.... how time passes so fast. Don't blink right!??

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothin' but cowboy boots !

Ok... this just made me whole day yesterday! A friend of mine (and her daughter ) passed these lovely gems on to Georgia a few weeks ago.... the PINK BOOTS ! They have been hidden in her closet because I  knew the moment she laid eyes on them it would be TRUE LOVE and she would want to wear them all the time... and frankly, they don't go with many outfits at this time  haha! 
 Here is how it all went down :  
  I changed her diaper, opened the closet door to put PJ's in the laundry... and then it happened ... I heard a small voice from behind me say " boots" ???   with a BIG SMILE!  
 and then.... she did this ..... 


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chattanooga Aquarium

This past weekend we spent time in Ringgold, GA with the in- laws and little cousins. We had a great time of relaxing and celebrating Sammy's 35th birthday ( yes, he does look stunning at 35!!) AND we also took a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium , which was fantastic! Georgia had a long day with no time for napping...she was running from place to place checking out all the cool fish and sea creatures. Her favorites animals were the Otters and penguins. ( we did not get too many pics of the animals because it was in a dark room with glass/water) There were so many great exhibits and cool things to see. My personal favorite were the salt water tanks with sharks and jellyfish - amazing! Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Georgia looking at the Macaw exhibit ( jungle birds)


No nap :( ... she was so tired on the way home!

Oraya, Qwynly and Zoe ( cousins)

Oraya's new teacup chihuahua! Her name is Juliette ! LOVE HER!

Georgia LOVES kitties... they are her favorite ! She followed their kitten around the whole time we were there !