Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sweet little Love

Our little "lovesies" ... as we like to call her is full of CUTENESS! My cousin Amy came over to keep Georgia one afternoon and decided to have a little mini photo session just for fun! They were just out around our house together and Amy captured some sweet faces and smiles! Here are a few that were just adorable ... Thanks Ames for your super skillz ! 
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Georgia is 18 months old

Georgia is 18 months old
and such a BIG girl ( she wishes ! ) ha!
actually her stats are as follows: weight 22lbs ( teeny) , height 29 3/4 in. ( tiny) - she has not grown but 3/4 in. since her 15 mo check! We have a petite one on our hands ...but I guess there is still plenty of time for a growth spurt.
She loves pig tails in her hair, toe nail polish, SHOES, macaroni and cheese, Jacks's Big Music Show and her "pinky" ( the cozy pink chenille blanket ) . She is full of life and makes us laugh all the time with her cute little expressions and words! My favorite thing that melts my heart is when she reaches her hands up to me and says" hold you" ....
we can't get enough!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pool time and Pony Tails

This summer has been super fun with miss Georgia Love ... I can't believe how fast it has gone by! This time last year she could not even sit alone and now she is walking and talking so much !! This age is so cute! We have had a blast taking walks at night, getting ice cream cones at the downtown square , and going to the pool !!! Georgia is also EXTRA cute these days because she can now put her whispy curly locks in a petite pony tail... and She is also unusually into SHOES ( we say she will be a shoe designer one day! ) ... this girl changes her own shoes all day long and then wants to put on ANY shoe that just might be laying around - ha ha ! I love it - my little fashion bug already.
Enjoy the sweet pics...

Check out "thunder thighs" ... of course, wearing a friends shoes that are way too big!

Petite Pony Tail

I love summer !!