Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The pink scooter

Ok...   #1 . The pink scooter was a hit at her birthday party - thanks auntie K  !
            #2. It plays fantastic scooter-like music ( she likes to push the buttons )
            #3. Who knew that a scooter could be so fun to ride with AND without clothes on!? 
 Here is Georgia before her bath... insisting to ride the scooter naked  -wow, pure  happiness !  What a fun little adventure she is ... something funny everyday! 

Check out her pointed lady - like toes ! She is a real biker chick! 

Friday, February 13, 2009

Better late than never

SHE CRAWLS ! that's right... at the age of 1 she finally took the plunge and crawled this week! Here is a short video of her before bath time tonight - she is on the move!

Cheeto lovin' !

Thanks to my mom ( aka : Mahnee) Georgia indulged in CHEETOS a few weeks ago when my parents were here for her birthday. I let her have a few here and there and she loved them so I figured it would be a special treat every now and then... UNTIL TODAY ...
We took a trip to Kroger and she starting pointing at the Cheetos bag in the chips aisle ! I can't believe that a one year old can recognize a cheetos bag !?? whatever !?? SO, I decided to get a bag and then the whole time we were at Kroger she turned around and pointed at the bag saying "dat! dat! " !! hah ! I was laughing so hard.... oh Georgia, you surprise me every day! SO, when we got home a gave her a few cheetos and I think it made her whole day ! Thanks Mahnee for the introduction to cheetos - the "oh so healthy" snack!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Georgia!

Happy Birthday Georgia Love ! Last sunday we had a great big celebration filled with family and dear friends to celebrate our most precious gift ... Little " lovesies" as we like to call her! 
The theme was LOVE  - for the month of " love" and her name Georgia love !  The dessert menu consisted of pink punch and white/red velvet cake in a beautiful HEART shape ! Georgia was such a trooper considering missing her nap, being tossed around by 40 people and having a lot of sugar for the first time. She LOVED the cake and loved all of her fun new presents. Thanks to "auntie KB " for opening her home and for the adorable tu-tu that she looked so prissy in! Here are some of our favorites...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Love...

I can't believe that ONE YEAR ago  Feb. 2 , 2008 our little LOVEY  came into this great big world! It feels like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time. This has been the most  incredible year with Georgia and the Lord truly does give GOOD GIFTS to his children. We had a big birthday bash this past weekend and took lots of great photos ... stay tuned for those shortly... you will want to see her all dressed up in a Tu-Tu ! ha ha !