Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sittin' pretty

This past week we have reached yet another big milestone... Georgia can sit up all by herself ! She is doing great at keeping her balance but we still keep a close watch and pillows behind her since she can still do a little "weeble-wobble" and topple over! If you look close you can also see her second tooth has erupted - she has 2 little teeth now... So cute but VERY sharp - I have unfortunately gotten to experience the "nursing bite" when she is done eating ! OUCH! You can also see her crazy wild curl on top of her head - hilarious! Maybe it will all have some curl like her daddy one day !!??!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammy !

Sammy turned the BIG 34 this past weekend  and we celebrated while we were in Ringgold with the FAM!   We had a mexican fiesta with yummy fajitas and homemade Margaritas  ( extra salt please !! )   Sammy wore a lovely hat that Dayna "crafted" for him and even got to enjoy his most favorite kind of cake - Red Velvet ! ALSO - We could not resist capturing some sweet moments with Georgia while the weather was so beautiful on sunday. 

Ringgold or BUST !

Ringgold or BUST -- there is nothing like going home for a little R&R in the wonderful small town of Ringgold, GA ! Sammy grew up here in these lovely wooded mountains... in the middle of nowhere it seems ... a small town country boy . As for me, I grew up in the city so it's always an adventure for me to be in the woods and walk terrified through mosquito infested areas and flinch at every little things that flies at me ! My nieces are crazy for BUGS and will pick up and touch anything ! ( as you can see in these photos ) I wonder how Georgia will be as she grows older and visits here ...? Hopefully she won't be a wimp like me when it comes to the outdoors and strange bugs! We also went into town one day to grab some lunch at the one and only "CHOW TIME" ! Sammy's mom and dad actually went on dates here when they were young and in love- pretty cool! We dined in high class with some burgers and tater tots ... and then headed back to the house where the birthday festivities began....

Please do NOT come near Aunt Angela with that!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Grillin' and Swingin'

The weather here on sunday was beautiful ... not too hot and not humid .... so we decided to grill some burgers and try out the new TREE SWING that Mahnee and Bumpa bought Georgia ! She absolutely LOVES it ! Here are some pics from our family night of grillin' and swingin" !




Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Food 101

This past week my mom ( aka Mahnee) was in town and we decided to tackle the task of making homemade baby food for Georgia. A friend of mine recommended this great book to me and it's full of information on "how to" do so many great things in the kitchen for your baby! I have decided that I would love to make my own baby food to cut cost on buying jar food and for the wonderful organic nutrition I can give Georgia ! AND the big plus is that when you freeze the "food cubes" you make -- they can last anywhere from 3-10 months! WOW - so convenient ! Just take your cubes out of the freezer, microwave for a minute and ..... DONE ! There are only a few foods she can have at this age so we made - sweet potatoes, peaches, avocado, and mango.

The girls making dinner at Kenda's house when Mahnee was in town!

Monday, August 11, 2008

6 mos check-up

Georgia had her 6mos check-up today and everything went great! She weighs 16 pounds, and is 26 in long ! Dr. Huss said she looked perfect and is obviously eating well ( as you can see in the "thunder thighs" post ! She did have another round of shots today but she did fantastic - a few tears of course but she was fine once I picked her up. We are very thankful for a sweet healthy girl.

Thunder Thighs

We like to call her "Thunder Thighs " .... These legs make us laugh everyday -- it's pretty much the only time that having your thighs touch is cute !! We love our little chubbs !

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Small town southern girl

You know you are a southern girl when you are cooking fried Okra , wearing an apron and holding a baby on your hip! I never knew this California girl would love her country vegetable night ! Every summer (usually in august when veggies are at there best) sammy and I have a few friends over for country veggie night! The menu consists of Fried Okra, fried squash, corn, green beans, cucumbers/tomatoes, cornbread and some good 'ol sweet tea! Look out Cracker Barrel ! My cousin Amy and our friend Daniel joined us last night ... we dined outside, ate until we were stuffed , and then had a friendly game of SPADES where the ladies took home the WIN! Thanks Lord for good cookin ' !!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More water please !

More water please ! Georgia has been eating so well and loving her solid foods so we decided to let her try a little water tonight - my baby food book says that it helps with digestion !? I was not sure how she would do since she is primarily a breast fed baby and will take a bottle (but with milk of course! ) SO, after she had a delicious dinner of carrots and pears, Sammy gave her a sippy cup that was just her size and she gulped down about an ounce ! It was so cute -- you would have thought she had been drinking from a cup for weeks ! I did not think she would like it since water does not have any flavor ....but I guess this hot summer day had her thirsty!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot Summer Days

Welcome to August--- my least favorite month of the year ! ( no offense sammy, i know it's your birthday month so I will love Aug 23 for you !) It's too hot to do much of anything outside, but a few times a day Georgia and I will sit on the front porch and rock to get some fresh air and hopefully catch a breeze. She loves to be outside - usually it's the best cure for a fussy - teething baby! Georgia is 6MO OLD today - our sweet girl is growing up. Here are some pics of her sitting by herself in the rocking chair !